I am the fourth of five daughters, a writer, an editor of sorts, and the mother of two boys. I am from Kentucky, lived a good chunk of my life in Durham, NC, and now live in Princeton, NJ, which feels a little bit like a movie set to me.  I run slowly and ride bikes and like to do most things that ten year olds do. I immediately dislike people who don’t understand the proper use of the apostrophe and the semicolon.


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  • Hi Stephanie, it’s your cousin Sara. I just had lunch with Leigh Ann. What a hoot it has been to reconnect with family and catch up on all that has happened in your family since I knew you (it was before you were in middle school). You’re a fabulous writer! I wish you well with you book. And I’m here, as a voice from the past, to encourage you. We’ve come a long way from our Easter Kentucky roots (on a good day) and not far at all on a day when someone crosses us and we launch a hissy fit. Too bad the damned hissy fits works; too bad, as women, that’s what it takes to be taken seriously. Sigh…

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