August 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

I think this is the beginning of the year. At least in my world it is. I am perpetually tied to semesters, and I love how they end, over and over, then start back up every three or four months. It seems like something new is happening, even though it isn’t. Maybe I will talk about different stories, different eras. Maybe not. Semi-colons, thank God, are constant. That must be what I love about grammar; it must be why I don’t understand why more people don’t care about it. It is as stunning as algebra, which, I learned the hard way, is beautifully symmetrical. The beginning and the end are equal. So, is it the end of the summer? The beginning of school? It seems like a pantoum. It could revolve forever. But maybe, poet friends, this is impossible? I don’t really know the form.

 More classes, more faces, more names. Some of those are new, but some recycle. I give myself two weeks each time to get my bearings, to know where I am supposed to be and who I am with.  Have I already told you this? I ask the third class of the day. I really don’t remember how many times I have talked about logos, pathos, ethos. Was that the last class? I ask the students to keep the same seats, so I can picture them there. I create memories of them, say, in the last chair on the right in the back of the room. Or, to the left of my desk. Iman sits there.

She is already a memory. She finished high school with me, maybe six years ago. I might have taught her Algebra. They let me do that then. It was so much like grammar. She finished high school after dropping out, so she is the dream girl, the one everyone talks about. Beautiful and dark, like her namesake. She could be a model. She is in my college argument class now, on her way to being a nurse. She will make it. She will argue. I’ve never had any doubt about that. She told me so.

 Something will happen, as long as I say the right words, as long as she comes to class, as long as she ignores the world around her as it focuses on her. Is this the beginning of the year?




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