The Other Side of the World

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am headed to Italy for two months, where I will recover from what movie stars used to be hospitalized for– “exhaustion.” After losing both parents in a ten week span this winter, then finishing a semester teaching English at a community college, I think that’s the best name for it. My own Eat, Pray, Love, even though I haven’t read that book and don’t really plan to. I think I get the point from the title. I will also attempt to get back to writing, so I will post some here, along with things I find out this summer about Italy. I have two boys who will appear and a photographer husband, who is the sugar daddy of the whole trip. Also, there will be food. Don’t expect organization, just whatever’s in my crazy head.

Also, I just published a story in a small anthology, The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Bobbie Ann Mason edition, and I am happy about that. I’ll post it here because you can’t find it online.




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